To me, that had to feel like the longest LENT season. Wow! The reflection, the giving, the deep crawl out of the darkness mornings again, the resurgence of brighter, longer days, the fasting, Stations of the Cross, and it all culminates now rising up and coming out for EASTER! A renewal and resurrected Christ and ourselves over the fear of death. A stronger self-actualization, of genuine proportions again. Loved it! Each year brings about a newer experience, a newer challenge, a mastery of the older self. Never the same. As daunting as Lent may seem when done right, that “spring” in your self that arises comes at the perfect time after 40 days. Oh, and this year just so happens to fall around my birthday too! I have the birthday  video link at the end of this post.

I’m calling this, my 44th birthday, a “double quad”. I’ll get to schedule my traditional of BIRTHDAY WORKOUT  (44 mile bike followed by a 44 minute run. Then a 44 lap swim that afternoon with 44 push ups.) on that day and may even have off from work, so I can recover and eat cake with sangria that evening with Gina at Maggiano’s! But I do this session with purpose: its my best time to focus, reflect, and appreciate what’s been a blessed lifetime for me. Each year older (wiser) yes, but what’s gotten me to THIS POINT in my life is the many birthdays I got to celebrate EACH DAY in between the official one. The people I’ve met, the friends, family, and friends who’ve become my “family”. Yes, it’s a rough session and sweat worthy, but I have a smile with it. It’s why I made the video too. Stars. Invincible. Time.

Unfortunately I’ll work that Friday and Saturday but that’s fine cause Easter Sunday no work as Gina and I will celebrate some more (once we attend Mass around the loads of CAPE Catholics).

Everything has been flowing smoothly. I did get my All World Athlete Silver award from Ironman which was nice, but training and in my “any race” type of shape with no clear aim at anything. With a work schedule so variable and unpredictable, I simply treat each week as a race week in some training days and am suffice with that as a goal. Not much i can do – yet. But I’m allowing things to develop. No care for rush. That’s been a big key – providing the help when needed or asked for, but also being able to step away and unplug, let go, and BE. I don’t get overly excited about my birthdays anyway. Hence the developing workout on that day – the time allotted also gives me the time to think and reflect on it while pushing the “older” body through the rigors. Enough enough to also then wine/dine with who I cherish it the most – Gina. That’s a great birthday and one where I’ll happily flex my 4′s.

Here’s the video for this birthday though it took a while, I hope you enjoy it:  at

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