The heat and humidity is finally upon us. Morning temps in the 60′s with 70-80% humidity signal the early morning sweat fests. For me, it takes a week to adjust to, but I welcome it. Bring the heat. The outdoor pool is getting warmer (was 68 degrees) as I wear less and less under my wetsuit. I don’t shiver when I ice cold water my legs at the end of the day in the shower. The afternoon heat tends to slow everyone down. Schools letting out. Welcome summer. Now go sweat yourself.

Gina’s done a great job in the garden and we’ve enjoyed countless lettuce, rosemary, scallions, mint, basil, oregano, peppers, AND tomatoes (plus wonderful flowers) blooming up nicely. We’ve got the bird feeder up on a pulley system that brings the whole neighborhood crew to dine with us. It’s the small things that help nourish and help recover ourselves from our days lately. Gina, who has been getting bombarded at work also, had the chance and took it to visit home to see her Dad for a week and also take in her nephew’s college graduation, so it’s been me and Holmes holding down the fort and making sure to follow the “WGDT?” rules. Big shout out to main man Chris Amherin and his NY crew at Alsace Transportation (  for her taxi shuttle to/from airport.  It’s quiet here but honestly there isn’t much I care to watch on TV anymore and I’ve been slowly losing my interest in my @teammc1 Twitter ( catch up each night. Granted I have been using this as the NEWS WORTHY I am more interested in based on who I follow, but most nights now I’d rather just pull out a book/magazine and read.  Been able to handle some chores for her as she has a birthday coming up, but for the most part I work, train, and make sure Holmes is cared for. Keep the place clean too. Despite the work schedule stink, I did get to coach the Let Me Run Dilworth crew a few times before their big race on Saturday (which I’ll miss for the first time since coaching).


For Mothers Day, I just went out real early for a good reflective run before spending all day at work, but it was enough for me to say thanks to Mom for being the driving Force in MC. I make sure to say/send a thank you to all the other Moms who have been there for me also, to the friends who now are Moms, and the hopes and love to those Moms To Be. Amen!

Nothing on the schedule as racing options have become slim to none with my work schedule. I am in shape and just use training to mimic some races within the structure, but it’s just not worth exploring with such unpredictability in work schedule which has been revealed week to week the past 6 months. Maybe soon, but for now, this month, I’ll continue to enjoy waking up and discussing the “MAY I try ___ today?”

Word Yo.

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