Yes, June is upon us and I like to consider it the halftime report of the 2017 year. It’s a time to take stock in what’s been planted in the first 6 months to spill over and harvest in the next 6 months. Now the summer heat and humidity have been setting the tone with high dew points, saturated workout sweat fests, and challenging mental stamina to endure that 4-7 pm “hottest parts of the day”. Similar to a chemicals half-life, so too is one’s ability to extend that endurance throughout such “pressure” from the weather in order to still be functional and productive. The key factors tend to be that ability to recharge and use the right coping mechanisms to acclimate to it. Sure the afternoon thunderstorms help – when we get them, but keeping a “cool mind” prevails. Cold showers in the evening too. I got a great deal from Garland over at the Sleepy’s next to work and got us 2 memory foam “chill” pillows – Gina a lavendar scented and me a coconut one. Awesome. She got a Zoomer fan too to add to the bedroom coolness (with remote!) and sleeps have been solid this whole month yo.

Like Holmes does:

Everything has been good here. I use the term Status Quo. This next half of year could develop favorably based on what has been laid down as of now, but this means it also will factor in how the rest of the year develops too. Will take some day-day/week-week nurturing, but that’s how I have to roll with it. Gina and I finally got to enjoy a FULL WEEKEND off together in almost 3 months! I was either working a Saturday or both Sunday too, so we never got to do much or plan much (hence also my reluctance to race anything serious this year too). We enjoyed 2 days of packed stuff projects to get done, plenty of early morning bike starts, fine eats, some naps, and of course fine wine to salute our Pops on Father’s Day. Personally, I would have loved to have a glass of wine with my Pops, considering I never really started to enjoy a little vino till after he passed. But the FORCE MC is strong and a toast to the heavens is in order this day. Gina’s Dad, Arthur, is going strong at 96 and we “shared” our patio breakfast this morning with him on the phone.

As we rode our bikes around we also took note of our changing neighborhood – with bigger houses, more people moving in, dogs crapping everywhere off a leash, more congestion traffic wise, we know in a few years this Charlotte place might not be what it thinks its becoming. We agree on what may be our next step, but we know we will be ready when that time comes. Start planting those seeds. (Her garden/patio BTW continues to impress and really does create that oasis escape for us often)

I’m set to race for Coach Chris Spano and the Big Kahunas again in August for the Hood to Coast relay. After a 4 year absence, he made an easy recruiting pitch this year and I’m happy to be able to race for them. Otherwise, that’s my only outside commitment going forward. I’ll prepare for that, but as mentioned, will update each month on any developments and progress on those “plants” when they are ready to bloom. Mercy yo.

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