QUADRUPLE H: Hazy, Hot, Humid (and HOLY)

Yes the summer of the south has hit us the past few weeks. Mornings in the 70′s with humidity stuck in the 80-90 range. Gets up to the 90′s and still humid, with a few thunderstorms that brew around 5:30 and of which no weather forecaster actually predicts. The sweat fests are daily but I do get to hit the pool usually right after my sessions and “cool” off despite the fact that I often feel like I’m sweating while in the pool. Total management and monitoring of heat stress while also keeping vigilant on hydration and eats. Its been bearable and when it does dip into the 60′s man, does it feel good. Times when you don’t mind being at work during the middle parts of the day and into the evening. I am getting more specific in training for the Hood to Coast relay in just over a month. More runs, but controlled. One of those events for sure you make sure to show up healthy and ready to go for Coach and the Big Kahunas.

I did get to see an evening storm develop the other evening as I sat out on the patio reading a book with Holmes by my side. I’ve always loved it. The winds picking up, the cloud formations, the cool air followed by a few thunders. Then the rain. Feels so good. Its been great for Gina’s garden where we’ve unleashed a plethora of goods. I ain’t knocking Gina’s homemade salads for sure the way we make them, but c’mon check it out:


Training has been going well and that’s it – just training. I had a slight chance to race a sprint triathlon last week but the workweek ruined that one. Work continues to be a pain schedule wise and Gina and I have talked at length about a change. Soon yes, but we agreed there are a few projects that need to be addressed first. We have enjoyed the continued early morning walks during the week and bike rides on the weekend when we can. QT time yo. Slowly daylight rises towards 6:30 now which has been signaling the end of that perk. Get treatment once a month from Jessica at Sports Massage Therapy who points out the needs and aches to be addressed. We’ve got a ceiling fan installed in the guest room which helps circulate the AC at home and together with the Zoomer fan, we managed to somehow be cold at night. It all helps us get that deep 5-6 hours of sleep most nights.

All the more reason to count the blessings now and manage towards the goal. Day-day. Stay sane. Lean towards mercy. Humbling indeed. I had a profound experience the other day that led to just that. True to form and in prayer where I just had to let the day unfold in grace and manage so much stress as efficiently as I could. And I did. When I sat in Kola to drive home after it all revealed itself, I didn’t put on any music. I rolled down the windows and just reflected on the blessing. Because I allowed it to develop, I came out of it stronger, calmer, and full of thanks for the mercy that was bestowed within me. The FORCE MC.

So sweat the small stuff as you sweat the big stuff cause it’s all just stuff you have to sweat for now. Those end of day cold showers cleanse more than where water can’t reach and refresh for the next day. So don’t just exist, live it. Yo.

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