A true constant that I have in my life and has served me quite well over these years has been my faith. With meticulous watering, vigilant guidance through prayer and Mass, and a nurturing with readings (and websites like, relying on its growth has been paramount to me. The daily encounters and news revelations, with its social media aspects and what have you, all the gossip, headlines exclaimed, fostering a value system that has become alarming, more so with the reliance on its daily input, has left me full of SMH, LOL, and true WTF. I have thus vowed to end my Twitter account by year end and cut some additional “cords” to limit myself to the good read of my books, industry magazines, and good quality old school time. Honing in on the power of silence, allowing for prayer especially the Daily Examen before bed, throw in some chess nights with Gina instead of the TV will become my go to entertainment. Yo, we even got our old JVC recorder hooked up to the TV and now can watch old videos from 10 years ago!! (which ironically required some cords) – ¬†Value system. Time to start depositing more into it. Plug IN-WARD. Strategic on my next move.

I’ve become stronger in the ways of trying to Master the Saints, thanks to the latest book I am almost finished with – Cultivating Virtue . I have been happy with my self-actualized life and staying genuine, but this book has added even more spiritual workload for me than any physical training session could. Perfection,Humility, Mortification, Patience, Meekness, Obedience, Simplicity, Diligence, Prayer, Confidence,Charity, and Union – yeah, try to master those. With SUAVITY! And though I feel like a Jedi, I think harnessing those skills like being a Saint tops that. I enjoy that challenge. Its true inner power and allows an ability to KNOW and interpret what is life’s meaning around us. I no longer care for any part of it online as much as seeking more of it offline. Time. We don’t have enough of it right? Or so you say. Look up.

After 3 years at my current job, I have opted to resign in mid-October. It was time. I no longer was as invested and couldn’t handle the unpredictable schedule and overall direction. Gina and I both were able to discuss at length about it and the past month only confirmed it. We needed to change that. It was fun though concluding it over a date night for pizza/bottle of wine and then trying to walk back home from that one!!(and during our 5am walks) We’re not interested in living a life trying to fight or argue, get frustrated daily with, and come home exhausted only to relive it again. We left NY because of that. But we have a control within us in our faith that allows us each week to fire the engines up and actually now be able to DO something about it – all in the confines of those Saintly characteristics. But we have to cut some cords. And we got big scissors. Yo.


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