These next 2 months I usually chalk up to my favorite time of year. For me, it’s a time more emphasized in retreat to silence. in that silence, to best work on my reflection, retrospectives on things done, yet to be done, a time to give what I can, and to listen.  For while most rush to forced festivities, those must have gifts to buy, hustle to decorate the house, yard, whatever you can string lights on, and stress themselves out, at its core the holiday season gets overlooked and bombarded with fluff. The trees here have started to color nicely and shed their coats despite the mild temperatures. You can almost hear the Christmas music waiting to infiltrate every store you walk into. But what do you feel? The shortened days mean darkness threatens to take over the light. Be prepared. Be alert. Burn.

Gina and I have been able to do a few races locally and she’s really been getting into great shape. It’s been fun to work with her on her program and the effort she puts in daily is inspiring. Even if each days seems to begin at 4:30AM . We recently did the NCMedAssist Pancakes and Beer 5K where she rocked a 43 minute race on a tough course. It was a 1200 runner turnout and amazing fundraiser for a great organization. I was able to race a 17:44 and a 2nd Place overall finish. I have been working on efficiency in every aspects of my swim/bike/run and felt it translate well in how I moved in this race. Good to have the “mind” race again too. Coming along nicely as I enter a new age group next year! Together we enjoyed the efforts of some hard training and honestly nothing beats being able to see Gina in a forced “shutdown” while resting comfortably with an afternoon nap. We hope to participate in a few more events before Christmas. Or just make another visit to the Windy Hill Orchard too. Burning bright.


Read, read some more. I just finished GRIT by Angela Duckworth and yet another great “memo” to brain/self to implement into daily living. Always change. Always adjust. Power. Passion. Perseverance. Great 10 videos about the Sacraments on FORMED keep me motivated after reading Cultivating Virtue book. Yeah, it can be fun to watch some sports on TV, but honestly I’d truly rather listen to the radio. There is still much to be avoided in the world out there that shielding yourself with “armour” in mind,body, and spirit is the only way to protect yourself from it. Find your why. Don’t give IN, don’t give UP, but do GIVE. In this season of the holidays, starting now with Thanksgiving, I “fall back” with this time change and shore up my defenses to brighten the shortening of my days. Never run out of the oil to burn it with. I’m surrounded by what I need to fuel my arsenal, and present the challenges to it with open arms in what I can handle. This indeed is what the time of year brings forth in me. See clearly.



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