Spring??? Could have fooled us rightfully so on April 1st! With this weather? Think we are about to skip a season altogether. Fortunately, we started April off with a needed trip away to Tampa. My friend Corey Johnson was getting married and invited us last year when it was planned. We booked everything back in February and with another gloomy weekend planned here, we actually savored the idea of getting away where the weather was going to be 70-85 each day. I personally was grateful to be able to share such a life event with a good friend. Why? Well let’s just say Corey was dealt a strong hand against him 1.5 years ago and took a risk to move to Tampa and move in with his then girlfriend Danielle. They both have been able to build a nice life together and he sealed the deal by “putting a ring on it”. Much respect for him. It gave me a reminder of how Gina and I had been when we decided to pack up everything we had and move to Charlotte. Grit. Love. Happiness. Not so much WHAT you have as WHO you have. Special to witness.



We were fortunate enough to be able to walk everywhere we needed to that weekend. Morning jogs along the Riverwalk, cool off at water parks, great brunches and dinners (BBQ and NY pizza!) within blocks of us, the wedding and reception itself was beautiful, participating at Mass in an amazing historic church at Sacred Heart, historic Plant Hotel, oh and the cookie dough desserts and wine!!! Certainly, a brief respite from what we had in our day-day lives the past few months. Even got a dent in my reading of Jordan Peterson’s book – 12 Rules For Life. BEING.

Then a week later…..45 years! Yes, got to celebrate my birthday by being able to complete 2 of the usual birthday workouts (45 mile bike/45 minute run/45 lap swim) the week before and week of my birthday! Took advantage of the semi-brief warm weather we had and it was good and of course reflective. Gina had a weekend packed itinerary for us and it started after a long workday on Friday. Came home and we made leftover Easter ham-potato hash! We drank 2 glasses of wine Moscato and man, I almost didn’t make it to cake! Oh, but I’m glad I did as she came out with this………

Man, this took me a week to finish!!

Then Saturday we got to do our “brick” and breakfast before I had to go to work at the YWCA. She picked me up after that and we went to Mass, then right to Maggiano’s for dinner. Surrounded by prom kids looking I guess to grab dinner before their prom, we were seated at a nice table in full view of all going on. It was typical busy but our waiter William, a fellow Long Islander, was so on the ball and presented us with great service despite the usual chaos. We had sangria of course, but this had a touch of ginger beer which I certainly will try and replicate. We had a great dinner and to top it off – William was able to combine our coupons and gift cards where we had the meal for free!!! No joke. Nicely tipped afterwards of course. Salute!

We then made a break at some more cake before getting enough sleep ready for the final day of celebrating. Sunday was same – brick, breakfast, and then baseball game at 2pm. The Knights were playing the Yankee farm team Scranton, but with a huge storm predicted for the afternoon, we didn’t know how much of the game would be played. The crowd was minimal but we managed to have great field level seats, BUT in front of a row of 10 old guy Yankee fans behind us. Gina, a Mets fan, was laughing. Of all seats! These guys were funny too. Every inning people’s phones would siren the weather alert about a tornado warning. No one seemed to mind. No announcements either over the PA at the game. We made it through 4 innings before it was like right above us. The thunderstorm was imminent and once it started raining, we donned our rain gear and headed out. That was our plan. We were happy to get even half a game in. We rushed to the car as it now was getting very gusty and heavy rain. We cautiously made our way home in 10 minutes and were grateful to get in the door safely. BUT….. no power. This is usual (and becoming too frequent for us) in our small complex for a storm to cut power. We figured it would only be a few hours so we took out all our emergency power lights and supplies and made sure fridge wasn’t opened (and for sure cause we had 4 quarts of RITA’S and 5 quarts of Turkey Hill ice cream in there!!!) we had plenty of daylight still and just settled in for a nice quiet remainder to the afternoon. We decided to cook leftovers since we had gas stove working. Once the sun went down we realized that no movement was happening about the power. Damn. Of all times to end the weekend we had on this note?? We went to bed early after a candlelight dinner and hoped for the best, because we were near point of having to possibly dump the fridge. Just an added reason to seek out new places too.

We got up usual time and nothing. We did our training and saw that everyone else in hood had power but our complex. This frustrated us even more, but nothing will tick Gina off more than not being able to blow dry her hair in the morning after showering (trust, even in a hotel, make sure it has one). Look out. She opted to just take everything with her and go to work early. No sooner did I secure for a dollar an 8 lb. bag of ice from BK on the corner and shove it in the freezer as our last ditch effort to save everything did the power come back on – at 10am!! Too close to call. Wow. Amen. (I did then get to catch an hour of the Boston Marathon and have to admit – reminded me of my final Boston in the 2007 Nor’easter and big time props to all those finishing this one!)

So even though April was a flurry of stuff with wet gloomy, cold weather to go with it, we hope May brings some sort of blossoming to us. We continue on and enjoy what begins to be truly extended daylight to our days. The Easter season had done us well. We spread that light in everything we do each day. Examine it daily before dark. Renew it again. Happy Birthday MC, another year older, and ever wiser. Yo.


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